Regular Expressions Simplified

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Regular Expressions Course cover

I'm taking a pause on my JavaScript course which I announced earlier, to focus on this course I'm currently working on. I decided to take that pause because while planning for both courses, I was able to decide on an outline for this one quicker, so I thought to complete this first, before continuing with the JavaScript one.

So do not worry, the JavaScript course will still be published in few months 😇

Why am I making this course?

The goal of this course is to simplify Regular Expressions to beginners and intermediates in the best way I can. The contents of this course can be applied to not just JavaScript, but other programming languages that support regular expressions.

Regular expressions is a concept I've struggled with a lot in my programming journey. And when I think I finally understand it, I come across a challenge that makes me realize "I still don't know this yet 😕"

And I know I'm not the only one on this boat. So I took some time to learn and master regular expressions, and thought to also make it a course, simplified for others to learn. I made an announcement on Twitter for this course.

I believe I'm good at simplifying topics, so I'm leveraging this skill to demystify Regular expressions 🚀

Topics I'll cover

I'll be covering a lot of topics including:

  • Quantifiers
  • Character Classes
  • Capturing Groups
  • Lookarounds
  • Alternations
  • and so much more

Some of these topics will have tasks that you can try out yourself, because:

You learn better when you practice 😉

We will also solve some Stackoverflow questions related to Regular expressions

Where will this course be published?

This course will be published on my YouTube channel: DEEECODE. So if you haven't subscribed yet, do so, so that you will be notified when the course is published. The course will be in form of a playlist with many videos. Each of these videos will cover different topics including tasks. This way, it would be easy to refer to a topic, instead of having to navigate through a 2-hour long video.

When will it be published?

I cannot give a fixed time, but a flexible time is before the end of April. I'm currently wrapping up the outline and examples and I should be done with this in two to three weeks. Then I can start recording, then editing, then PUBLISHING 🤩

If you would be looking forward to a course like this, as a beginner or even mid-level, what would you expect? Here is a Google Form for you to share your suggestions:

You can share topics you would like to see explained, or any idea of how I should go about the course. I would love to hear from you, that I may better serve you 💜