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Dillion Megida 🚀

Front End Developer and Technical Writer.


Return Statement Simplified

22nd July, 2019

I usually have issues with this statement and as I was able to have a grasp of it, I decided to write about it.

The return statement is a statement that evaluates a value and attaches it to a function. When such functions are called, they return the value that was evaluated.
Take a look at this example,

                let a = 5;
                let b = 5;
                let c = a + b;
                console.log('a: ' + a + ', b: ' + b + ', c: ' + c);
                //a: 5, b: 5; c: 10 

Dillion Megida - First Blog

18th July, 2019

My name is Dillion Megida.

This is my first blog and I plan to keep this as a reference as to when I launched
I plan to share tutorials and articles on my blog every week so that I could also in my own little way, add value to the community and also challenge / improve myself.

I am a Front Web Developer, quite efficient with HTML5, CSS3, Nodejs, Reacjs, Javascript and few other front end languages.
Also, I am a graphics designer and my tools at the moment are Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Services comprises of Branding Design, Advertisements Design and other graphics designs.