What is Dillion doing now?

Up-to-date now page showing what I'm currently doing.

Inspired by nownownow.com

A few...


I'm actively working on some web development courses. I've had the scripts done for a while and was gradually putting out one lesson after the other last year, but this year I've been more focused on finishing the courses or at least doing a substaintial number of lessons. For this reason, I haven't been doing a lot of regular web dev videos lately.

Most notably, I'm working on simplereact.dev and simplegit.dev. For simpleregex.dev, all major video lessons have been published last year, and I'm currently finishing up the written version of the course.


I work as an Internal Developer Advocate at Adyen. My efforts in the last couple of months has been around ci/cd, pipelines, bash and python scripts and a few container stuff here and there. I've been working on automating some documentation we have. Things like extracting comments from code and extracting descriptions from classes and methods. A lot of regular expressions were involved here, which greatly inspired my course. With the automations I have in place, static docs and dynamically generated docs are published to our internal docs platform. This increases visibility for everyone, and helps people with their searches.

Got to learn bash and python on the go 😂 Now I enjoy writing python and rather than writing some of my personal scripts in nodejs, I do it with python. But I still love JavaScript 😜


I'm getting more involved in my church in Amsterdam and learning more about God from reading the Bible, watching sermons and also reading books. I'm taking steps to grow in my faith, and I can see the results knowledge-wise, and in the state of my heart now.

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