Content Creation 2022 Recap

December 23rd, 2022


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My content creation efforts increased tremendously this year, 2022. I started writing articles in 2019 because I want to share what I know/learn via writing. I started making videos on YouTube in 2021 on my birthday because I realized that people learn through different methods. For example, I learn better with videos, so I wanted to make videos for such kinds of people.

But this year, I did more than I did in 2021. I created a tech Instagram channel, a coding YouTube channel and I also repurposed my tiktok account for sharing tech. Did I start a newsletter this year?

Tech Instagram Channel

Before this year, my Instagram was usually idle--I had no purpose for it asides from sharing stuff randomly. I took it a little serious this year, and one thing I observed was that some people I followed had a different IG account specifically for a niched service they offer. Some had a different "foods" account, some "photography" and some "tech".

As someone who likes the idea of separating contents, to clearly define "why people should follow/subscribe to your platform", I decided to also take on that approach.

So I created @deeecode and started sharing tech-specific things about my life. At first, I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted to be sharing on that account but with time, I decided I would simplify tools and languages in tech on it.

I grew to my first 1000, and shared a video on my YouTube explaining my journey.

At the time of writing this, I'm currently at 14.6k followers. So beautiful to see how much I've grown.

My most liked post is Arrow functions in JavaScript

Coding YouTube Channel

On my personal YouTube channel (which used to be the only channel I had), I was sharing many things combined. From career experiences, to interview tips, to coding, to life in the Netherlands. I felt there was a bit of "a lot happening" on my channel that would make people unable to decide why they should subscribe.

Not everyone is interested in seeing my Netherlands story. Someone may have subscribed for web development videos but now they are seeing a lot about my life and career.

I knew that I should enjoy what I create and not only focus on "what people want to see", but I thought it best that my life and career are separated from coding.

You can learn more about my decision in this video.

For coding-related videos around web development, backend, or application development tools, I started sharing them on this channel.

So far I've made videos on JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and Python.

My top 3 popular videos at the moment are:

I'm currently at 861 subscribers and hoping to get to 1K before the end of the year. I'm so glad to see how far I've come with this channel, and I'm also fulfilled with how many people have learned from the videos.

Life/Career YouTube Channel

After separating my coding content into a different channel, I started focusing on my life and career experiences on my DillionMegida channel--the first one I had. Both experiences are related to tech, there are a few videos on sharing my life lessons that didn't include tech.

I shared videos about things I learned in life such as Comparison is the KILLER OF JOY. For my career, I made several videos around Tips for Career and Interviews

My most popular video on this channel is JWT decode vs verify. This was one of the coding videos I made when I had not done the separation yet. YouTube does not allow you to change ownership of videos so I had to republish it on my coding channel (along with my other coding videos), but this video is still doing numbers at 10K views currently.

But the second most popular is my Relocating to the Netherlands video. Making a playlist on my relocation process (from Getting the Job, to VISA, to finding a house) was one of my biggest content achievements this year. A lot of people benefitted from me sharing those videos, and that made me grow a lot on YouTube.

My third popular video is also a coding video 😂--How to create Custom Tasks in VSCode. I remember what gave this video a push; VS Code retweeted my post and in a day I got like 300 views, and it's been growing since then.

Repurposing my TikTok account for Tech

I initially started posting on my TikTok account because I wanted a space where I do something else outside of tech.

PS: If you scroll really down on my account, whatever you see there, take it like that 😂

Doing silly stuff and having fun on my TikTok was nice; I grew to 2k in fact. But the audience I had grown started requesting a lot of things I couldn't cope with. They wanted me to do really silly stuff, and even though I knew I was there for fun, I had a limit I could go.

I also ran out of content ideas with time and started spending less time on TikTok. My followers started decreasing which is expected--I'm no longer offering what people wanted.

After a while, I thought to myself, "I could use TikTok to share my Tech knowledge". The immediate thought I had was "But TikTok was supposed to be your world outside Tech since all content you created was around Tech". But again I thought "Well, I love sharing Tech, so it doesn't hurt doing what I love."

So I did a repurposing and shared in my introductory video that I was going to be sharing coding, career, and life experiences. It was great, and with time I was able to build an audience of up to 7K followers at the moment. But with my full-time job, consistency on TikTok has been hard, and that has affected the engagements a lot.

I also at some point created a deeecode TikTok account because again, separation, but that wasn't sustainable so I returned to posting coding videos on my main TikTok 😂

However, just last week, I created yet another TikTok account: @deeleeyon. The sole purpose of this is to "have fun" and "share my silly ideas". I shared a bit of these silly ideas on my main TikTok, but I don't think those are the things my audience expects so I created another space for that. Hopefully, I don't also repurpose this one in the future 🤣

Writing on FreeCodeCamp and my blog

In 2021, I wrote for different organizations, but I had to stop for different reasons. This year, most of my articles were on FreeCodeCamp and on here, my blog.

I don't think I wrote as much this year, as I did last year. Most of my efforts were towards Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube videos. But some of the articles I wrote this year did amazing.

I love the audience that FreeCodeCamp has, and the fact that my articles get to be seen by many people around the world is incredible. I love the opportunity Quincy and the team has given me.

Currently, my articles get an average of 100K views per week. These are articles on the simplest (that you may not even think anyone needs) and comprehensive topics. I have 60 articles on FCC at the moment.

For my blog, I also wrote a few articles about my career and coding.

Wrap up

Although managing numerous content platforms is draining--sometimes I wish I was only doing YouTube 😭--it comes with fulfillment seeing how people benefit from my different forms of content. I get good feedback on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter--everywhere.

Also, repurposing content across my different platforms has reduced the mental stress it takes to come up with new topics.

I know the multiple things I'm managing at the moment are not healthy, so I'm learning to prioritize my health more, and hopefully, in the future, I can hire someone who does the management and promotion while I focus only on the creation.

Well, this is my content creation recap for 2022. I hope to do a lot more in 2023. I don't want to set unrealistic goals, but before the end of 2023, I'd love to have reached:

  • 5K subscribers on my DEEECODE channel for YouTube
  • 5K subscribers on my DillionMegida channel for YouTube
  • 30K followers on my DEEECODE Instagram
  • 30K followers on my TikTok

Well, good luck to me! If you read it this far, I hope a part of my story inspired you. Happy Holidays ✨

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