Dillion Megida's First Blog

July 18th, 2019


My name is Dillion Megida.

This is my first blog and I plan to keep this as a reference as to when I launched dillionmegida.com

I share relevant content on my blog (and some other blog platforms) so that I could also in my little way, add value to the community and also challenge/improve myself.

At the moment, I am a Front-end Web Developer, quite efficient with HTML5, CSS3, Reactjs, Javascript and few other front-end languages.

Also, I am a graphic designer and my tools at the moment are Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Services include Branding Design, Advertisements Design, and other graphic designs.

My Web Dev Story

My web development journey started in the year 2017 when I was introduced to HTML by a friend. We do stay in the same hostel in college. He taught me the basics of designing static pages with little or no styles. I afterward embarked on tutorials.

The love for web design came instantly with the joy of building websites for myself and companies. From that moment, tutorials upon tutorials, articles upon articles and few other friends of mine that came my way to help and give answers, I have learnt a lot.

While watching tutorials, I was introduced to FreeCodeCamp, Sololearn, and Codeacademy. Though I wasn't too serious with those platforms at the start, I won't deny how much I have gained from those platforms.

There is more to my web development story but I'm grateful to God for how far I have come.

My Graphics Design Story

Graphics Designing, on the other hand, began in November 2017. What drew my attention to it was seeing a friend of mine, designing cartoons. From then I was on his neck until he gave me Photoshop software and also taught me how to design toons.

I kept on watching tutorials and discovered more to Photoshop than just cartoons. By January 2018, I launched Deeesigns Studios offering Graphics Design Services. I was still of little knowledge in those services at that time, but I launched it anyway.

The year 2019, I discovered Illustrator and found its usefulness and started learning it too.

There is still much to my graphics design story.

That's all,

Stay tuned as I'll be posting helpful articles on my blog. Thank you 😃

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