2019 In Review

December 24th, 2019


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The year 2019 has indeed been an awesome year for me. I explored a lot this year. First, I'd like to give all Glory to God for everything - privilege to be alive and protection.

I hope my achievements inspire you to achieve greater things.

Very short story on Web Dev Journey

I was introduced to web development in the year 2017. I was amazed by what it offers but didn't take it as serious as I did this year. In 2018, I didn't focus on it much as my focus was directed towards Graphics Designing. On so many occassions this year, I wished I took it more serious then, but well, it was a process and I undeniably learnt a lot from then to now plus, I earned a lot from graphics that I have even brought up a Brand from it - Deeesigns Studios.

Well, story short, I took Web Development more serious this year πŸ€—

Achievements of the year

1. Attended My First meetup.

I attended 2 meetups in total. I've been invited for many meetups last year but I didn't understand the benefits so I didn't go. I suffered from ignorance 😟
These were meetups where people shared amazing and inspiring ideas. I also got to make new friends.

2. I started writing technical articles

I wrote my first technical article on June 26 on the DEV platform - Making Sticky Column With Grid Area. This year, I wrote 12 articles on my blog, 2 (with 1 in progress) on Soshace, 4 on Codesource and few other places (and will probably write more before the year runs out).

Writing? Articles?

"This would be an impossible task for me. What do I even know? Will people even read it?" - so I asked myself.

But after writing my first, I started writing more because I learnt more through it, improved my writing skills and I was able to share my knowledge which many people appreciated.

You have probably felt the same way or asked yourself the same questions or more, but I advice that you give it a try. The more you write, the more you learn because you'd want your audience to learn from it.

3. I Launched My Website/Blog 🎊

On June 18th, I launched my own blog which you're reading from right now. My first article here was Dillion's First Blog which I shared a little about myself.

4. My First Technical Talk

I gave my first talk at a meetup my amazing friend Benjamin Busari and I setup in a church in Lagos State, Nigeria. We set it up to enlighten people on Business, Graphics Designing and Web Development. My talk was on Introduction to Web Development and we covered basics of HTML and CSS. Here's the tweet with pictures and link for the slide.

Check out the tweet

5. My first conference

I attended my first conference - ConcatenateConf2019. The amazing speakers shared inspiring experiences and taught us a lot about web development one of which was Chris's talk on how he founded Scotch.io. This inspired me to also come up with a brand which I'd be lauching on the 1st of January, 2020. (I will update this article when I launch).

I also got to meet the amazing Sarah Edo and also Tatiana Mac in person.

6. My First Job πŸŽ‰

I got my first job as a technical writer for Soshace. Check out my profile for articles I've written.
Shout out to my wonderful colleague and awesome content creator, Mary Vorontsov

7. and many more...

  • My graphics brand (Deeesigns Studios) grew with many customers.
  • I started learning ReactJS. Shoutout to FlorinPop who had a personal 25mins meeting with me on twitter and shared awesome things with me. He was the one who inspired me to learn this tool.
    Also, my blog was initially built with PHP, but I converted to GatsbyJS seeing how efficient it was and also, discovering that Florin also used it. I documented the story here.
    Now, I love both tools.
  • I made a CSS Flex Genertor application. This was the first project I made which many people used. I also got many stars and contributions. Check out the repository.
  • and so on...

The year was just awesome! πŸŽ†


These were just the major highlights. This year was the best so far. I met awesome folks. I got to understand the essence of commitment. And, technical writing became my hobby and something I hope to do for a long, long while.

These things motivate me to do more. You can too! I've learnt that you always have to start from somewhere. From somewhere, to greater places.

2020? You're going to be better πŸ’₯

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you πŸŽ„

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